Powerful marketing STRATEGIES!

At Innovate Marketing we take the time to understand your business and what you want to achieve. Our team work with the belief that sales doesn’t work without marketing which is why we have dedicated specialists who can tailor sales and marketing strategies to suit your needs and scale your business.

We provide more than just an “account manager”

Creative Design
Creative design online should always take into account both aesthetics and the user experience. So to dovetail with our strategy and consulting services, we offer a range of creative design services to give your business the professional edge.
Strategy & Consulting
Don’t start spending without a plan, and don’t keep spending until you understand exactly what online marketing tactics will work for your business. Here’s how we make sure you’re on the path to profit.
Digital Marketing
When it comes to digital marketing, we’re all about increasing your online presence, fortifying your brand and reputation, driving traffic to your website and converting visitors into paying customers. All at an affordable price.



 forget Digital Marketing for a moment. Do you think you Would have more success engaging with your target audience by cold calling, or would you gain more traction if they were already attracted to you by something they saw? 
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we are driven to help our clients create the change they want to make through their business so they can achieve meaningful results. We offer unlimited access to marketing experts, and believe that small and medium businesses should have flexible and affordable access to high quality resources that they otherwise would not have.
Web Development
Imagine having a website that is future-proof, flexible in design, cost effective and easily modified. Imagine experiencing a website build that doesn’t include an IT geek telling you that you can’t do what you want to do with your website.
Video Production
Video content is one of the biggest drivers of high engagement. With the saturated market, it’s vital to create high-quality videos that break through the clutter, showcases your credibility and establishes your business as a subject matter expert.
“Aren’t advertising and marketing the same?” They’re actually very different, and you’ll see the difference when you work with us.
APP Development
We develop and design user friendly mobile apps for android and apple devices. Apps can increase your customer base by 80% and generate 10 x the profits you already see.
Social Media
With a thorough analysis of the marketing landscape, your competitors and what’s working in your industry, we use tailored social media strategies to get your brand in front of potential customers and previous site visitors, drive engagement and ROI.
Lead Generation
We offer lead generation services for the trade, fitness and home improvement industries to ensure our clients have exclusive leads flowing through at all times. We provide a comprehensive competitor report along with an in depth look at your target market and current trends.
Sales Support
Our sales strategies are outcome driven and are created based on your objectives and KPIs, so each strategy is unique to each need. Sales and marketing should go hand in hand. Our clients regularly ask us to help them get their sales and marketing working together. We help empower sales teams with the skills and expertise that they need.
Marketing Strategy
We understand the critical levels of importance your brand has for your business; our marketing strategies are a reflection of that. We create tangible goals and action plans based on your business objectives, and determine a clear strategic direction for each quarter. We develop insights and strategies for your business based on why you do what you do.
our people are our greatest asset and we pride ourselves on the high trust and solid respect we have for each other. The nature of our work is all about collaboration and really listening to each other, and that’s what we do best – amongst each other and with all our clients.
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Lucy Stevens
Accounts Administrator
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Stephanie Manson
Marketing Manager
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Cam Doherty
Creative Designer
Shannon De Guara
Chief Executive Officer
Michael Blokland
Operations Manager
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Melanie Owens
General Manager
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